Smoke-Free Workplaces

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Hemingway’s Bar & Grill employees are excited their place of work is now smoke-free!

Want to increase profitability and keep healthier employees? Make your business smoke-free!

At Breathe Easy, we care about protecting against harmful secondhand smoke, and most exposure for adults occurs in the workplace or in public. The number of restaurants and bars in Georgia that allow smoking nearly doubled from 2006 to 2012, which means thousands of employees could be affected.

However, business owners who have made the decision to implement a smoke-free policy repeatedly say that it has made them more successful than before.

Workplaces with a smoke-free policy see:

Better work

Why? It creates an environment where employees are less likely to feel sick. This means reduced absenteeism and increased productivity at work.

Quality of life

Why? It encourages the public to rethink their smoking habits, making everyone safer from secondhand smoke.

Reduced costs

How? With smoke-free air, you will have lower maintenance costs, lower health care costs, and lower insurance costs. You won’t have to deal with smoke damage, cleaning or risk of fire incidents.

Increased revenue

How? You want people to love being in your space and keep coming back. Imagine never having to hear feedback like “I love the product and service, BUT the smoke was a deal breaker.”

Ready to take your business smoke-free? Here’s where to start:

Implement a tobacco-free policy that is concise, clear, simple and comprehensive. Contact Breathe Easy for a free consultation or read sample policy language.

Develop an enforcement plan consistent with your policy and include disciplinary measures.

Display “No Smoking” signage and remove all ashtrays from your establishment. You can also proudly sport a Breathe Easy sticker on your window to show your support!

Sign the Department of Public Health pledge to create a tobacco-free, smoke-free workplace and encourage others to do the same.

Celebrate! This milestone will benefit employee health, public safety, and your bottom line too.

 “I decided to go smoke-free in 2014, and going smoke-free saved my business. I initially thought going smoke-free would keep some customers away, but that did not happen. I put up a no smoking sign on the door in the front.  Now the place is more family friendly and open to more people.” 

Paul M. Chutich, Delkwood Grill & Bar

Have you made the change to a smoke-free workplace? Let us know how changing your policy has made an impact!

Breathe Easy is a public health initiative of Cobb2020 that seeks to educate the community and raise awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke. Learn more about our mission.