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Want to promote a program that aligns with Cobb2020 priorities? Contact us to provide us the details and we’ll feature it here!

Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy is a public health initiative of Cobb2020 that seeks to educate the community and raise awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Sharing Spaces for Health

Sharing Spaces for Health is a part of the Childhood Obesity Initiative, originally funded by the Healthcare Georgia Foundation and supported by Cobb2020. The goal of this initiative is to offer more quality opportunities for physical activity in order to reverse the trend of childhood obesity in Cobb County.

Farm Fresh Market

In 2014, Cobb2020 created the Farm Fresh Market initiative to improve access to nutritious foods within the community. Farm Fresh Market operates by the way of a mobile truck and allows customers to select a specified number of fresh produce items for a fixed reduced price. Cobb2020 also partners with the Mableton Farmers Markets, a farmers market that accepts SNAP and, through a partnership with Wholesome Wave’s Georgia Fresh for Less program, SNAP customers are able to double their eligible food item EBT card purchases up to $50. Click here to see the dates and locations for the 2018 markets.

School Wellness Councils

A school wellness council is a group of usually 6 -12 individuals that are dedicated to the health and well-being of the students and staff at their school. In the past, Cobb2020 has partnered with the following schools and their wellness councils to promote healthy nutrition and physical activity among the kids of Cobb County: Cheatham Hill Elementary School, Smryna Elementary School, Mableton Elementary School, Russell Elementary School, Smitha Middle School, Floyd Middle School.

Let’s Move with Walk Georgia

In 2016, Cobb2020 facilitated the Cobb2020 Walk Cobb Challenge, as part of the Walk Georgia program. This free 10-week program aimed to increase physical activity levels in a fun community-oriented way.