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Goal: Improve health and the quality of life through daily physical activity.

What’s the Problem?

Obesity due to lack of physical activity is a major factor in the leading causes of illness and death in Cobb County. Most recent Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Systems Data (2014) reports 147,390 (23.4%) of adults were obese, and an additional 238,721 (37.9%) of adults were overweight in the Cobb and Douglas County district. For adults, regular physical activity can lower the risk of early death and most chronic diseases including coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and breast and colon cancer. For children, following recommendations for physical activity can improve bone health, cognitive skills and the ability to concentrate.

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Related Social Determinants (click here for more detail)

Economic Stability


Social and Community Context

Neighborhood and Built Environment

COBB Health Behaviors

What Are We Doing About It?

Here is how we can work together to increase physical activity in our community:

  • Increase physical activity among at-risk populations through community design and access.
    • Check out Sharing Spaces for Health, a Cobb2020 initiative, that aims to increase access to safe and affordable opportunities for physical activity in Cobb County.
  • Promote and strengthen school and early learning policies and programs that increase physical activity.
  • Promote and strengthen workplace policies and programs that increase physical activity.

Click here for the current community metrics.

Click here for the Physical Activity Action Plan.

Get Involved!

Want to help us increase physical activity in Cobb County?
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