Strategic Priority 1: Healthy Lifestyles

Strategic Priority 1: Healthy Lifestyles2018-06-01T14:16:03+00:00

How can we prevent chronic disease by creating a community that supports healthy lifestyle choices for all?

The County Health Rankings model tells us that when we think about improvements that can create a healthier community, increasing healthy behaviors will impact about 30% of our outcomes. The Healthy Lifestyles priority focuses on ways that we as a community can change our behaviors and improve negative health outcomes such as heart disease, stroke, obesity and lung cancer. Browse our goal focus areas to get linked in!

Goal Focus Areas:

Tobacco Product Use

Reduce illness, disability, and death related to tobacco product use and secondhand smoke exposure.

Physical Activity

Improve health and the quality of life through daily physical activity.

Healthy Eating

Promote health and reduce overweight and obesity through the consumption of healthy foods.