Why engage with Cobb2020?

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With the recent release of the Community Health Improvement Plan II (2017-2021), the Cobb2020 Partnership has adjusted our focus to address new health issues facing our community, but we can’t do it alone. Cobb2020 relies on community involvement to get our work done, and we would love to have YOU join us! We happily accept organizations and individuals from diverse backgrounds and all different walks of life. All you need is a desire to help make positive health changes in our community. Join us and become a part of this unified community partnership that works together to achieve optimal health for all those who live, learn, work, and play in Cobb County!

Quotes From Some of Our Partners

Cobb County is my community and I want to be involved in what happens here. It starts with me.

Lynnette McLeod, Community Member

I engage with Cobb2020 because humanity matters to me and I care about the wellness of all people.

DeBorah Johnson, Austell Community Task Force

Why do I engage with Cobb2020? My health is why. My family’s health is why. My community’s health is why.

Steering Committee member

What does engagement look like?

Comprised of a diverse group of representatives from public, private, and volunteer entities, our coalition accomplishes its work through several groups, teams, and committees.

  • Steering Committees – A cross-sector group of community leaders overseeing the strategic planning process within each county. Steering committee members are responsible for guiding, advising and bringing resources to both the Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).
  • Implementation Teams – Organizations and community members engaged in planning, facilitating and evaluating the initiatives of the partnership.
  • Workgroups – Individual teams of community partners and subject matter experts dedicated to implementing the evidence-based initiatives highlighted within the county’s Community Health Improvement Plan. Workgroup members have community knowledge and a desire to advocate for a healthier county. The workgroups provide a space for partners to network and collaborate on shared goals and objectives.

If you’re not quite ready to join Cobb2020, you can still support the work of the coalition by making positive changes related to your health or your family’s health! See our Resources page to learn more.

Partner Spotlight

Our Partner Spotlight highlights a community partner and explains their role in helping us to implement the Community Health Improvement Plan.

Dr. Monica Nandan, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Social Impact and Professor of Social Work & Human Services at Kennesaw State University, was recently honored with the Cobb2020 Partner of the Year Award for 2019. The award was announced on December 12th at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Outpatient Center in Kennesaw, GA.

The Cobb2020 Partner of the Year Award not only highlights a Steering Committee Member who had a significant impact on Cobb2020 – A Partnership for a Healthier Cobb County Coalition, during 2019, but it also recognizes the work an individual has done related to the Cobb County Community Health Improvement Plan.

Dr. Nandan and her agency have been active partners with Cobb2020 since September 2014. She helped create the Behavioral Health Workgroup (BHWG) and has co-lead the group over the past two years. The BHWG has had numerous noteworthy successes under Dr. Nandan’s leadership, which include hosting the 2017 Cobb & Douglas Behavioral Health Roundtable, receiving grant funding for various mental health research projects, and hosting New Horizons: A Mental Health Symposium for Community Members.

“Dr. Nandan has been an extraordinary leader within Cobb2020,” said Dr. Jacqueline Dow, the Membership Chair for Cobb2020 and the Planning & Partnership Director at Cobb & Douglas Public Health.  “She has engaged partners from across multiple sectors to discuss critical issues and provide mental health resources to those in need.”



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