Cobb2020 Introduces the Walk Cobb Initiative

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Cobb2020 – A Partnership for a Healthier Cobb County


Cobb2020 Introduces the Walk Cobb Initiative

MARIETTA, GA, September 25, 2013 – Cobb2020 in partnership with the Cobb County Extension Service is launching Walk Cobb, a collaborative walking initiative among schools, businesses, organizations, universities and municipalities that focuses on helping Cobb County's youth and adults embrace healthier lifestyles. Walk Cobb will kick-off starting October 1, 2013 in coordination with the statewide Walk Georgia campaign.

Participants can register to participate in Walk Cobb as an individual or as a team of four using the group name Cobb2020 from October 1 through October 9 on the Walk Georgia site at

The main goal of Walk Cobb is to virtually travel across Georgia, discover new ways to improve your health and integrate the habit of regular physical activity into your life. Participants will track and record their walking and/or other physical activities minutes that will be converted into steps through the Walk Georgia website during the initiative timeframe from October 1, 2013 through November 23, 2013.

Teams within an organization, (i.e. schools, businesses, community organizations, etc.) or individuals who register under the Cobb2020 group are encouraged to monitor the program rankings and walk more than the other teams and individuals under the Cobb2020 group.

Based on recent local health assessments conducted by Cobb2020, 19 percent of Cobb County adults did not participate in any physical activity in the past month. Cobb2020 hopes Walk Cobb will create some friendly competition among individuals, organizations and cities in Cobb County and encourage physical activity as an everyday habit. A Golden Sneaker Award will be awarded to the individual, organization, school, city and team with the highest average of steps during the timeframe of the walking campaign.

For more information on Walk Cobb or to sign up and participate, visit

About the Cobb2020 Health Improvement Initiative

The Cobb2020 Health Improvement Initiative is a partnership of community organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and the delivery of essential health services in Cobb County. Together, through a strategic process called Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP), Cobb2020 has assessed the current health status of the County and is developing a Health Improvement Plan that will help create significant changes in building a healthier community. Supported by a Community Transformation Grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the goal is to create a healthier community by making healthy living easier and more affordable where people live, work, learn and play.