Smartphone App Resources 

A growing number of people are becoming smartphone users and these "smart" devices can help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals and make smarter choices on the go! Whether you want to know how many calories you're taking in, how many steps you take a day, how to track your heart rate or where to find the closest hospital or doctor's office, there is an app to fulfill all of your health needs!

There are thousands of free and paid health and wellness apps for Blackberry, iPhone and Android users that can help you change your behavior, research and manage your health conditions and maintain a healthy lifestyle! Below are several examples of app resources that you can use to get started now!

    Apps for Healthy Lifestyles


    Apps for Access to Health Services

Noom Coach:

Record everything you eat and drink, get feedback on your food choices and starting improving your diet immediately with this app.

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Automatically scan product barcodes, see product highlights, compare products, select better alternatives and learn more about food and nutrition found in each product with this app.

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Lose It!:

Set a daily calorie budget, track your food and exercise and stay motivated to make smarter choices and achieve your goals with this app.

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Fitness Buddy:

Diversify your workout by learning a new exercise each week and discovering new muscles in your body. Gain access to thousands of exercises, proper form and an exercise workout journal to keep track of your progress with this app.

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Keep track of your favorite physical activities and results on the go. The app can seamlessly track both indoor and outdoor activities, from biking to yoga, as well as provide feedback on the amount of calories burned and heart rate. CardioTrainer also includes a racing option with high score recording with competition and rewards.

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My Fitness Pal:

Track your food and exercise on the go with these free mobile apps on everything from running and biking to tracking your Body Mass Index (BMI) with this app.

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Healthy Habits:

Put your good intentions into action and kick your unhealthy habits with reminders on what's important, track your progress, add in awards, social support and motivational messages with this app to help you stay on track to making healthy behavior changes.

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Livestrong MyQuit Coach Lite - Dare to Quit Smoking:

Create a personalized plan to help you quit smoking with this physician approved app. You can evaluate you current status, set attainable goals and adjust preferences according to your needs to finally be able to stop smoking.

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Check your symptoms, access drug and treatment information, get first aid essentials and check local health listings on the go with this app.

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Find the nearest hospital or urgent care center in your city and get immediate wait times in different emergency rooms so you don't end up waiting with a crowd. Participating hospital emergency rooms will also let you pre-register your visit through this app.

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Mayo Clinic Health Community:

Gain access to an online community of Mayo patients and other with health interests. You can share stories and learn from others' experiences about Mayo Clinic and dealing with diseases and conditions with this app.

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RxmindMe Prescription/Medicine and Pill Tracker:

Whether you are taking a daily multivitamin or medicine for treatment of a chronic condition, this app can be an excellent pill reminder!

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Instant Heart Rate:

Measure your heart beat instantly using your phone's camera to detect your heart rate pulse from your fingertips with this app.

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