Cobb2020 ToolKit Resources 

Cobb2020 is dedicated to motivating its community members to become healthier and making it easier for you to take action. Below are additional resources, toolkits and next steps that can help lead to a healthier you and Cobb County!

    Toolkits for Healthy Change


    Next Steps for Action

These toolkits are a great first step guide to help Cobb community members in all aspects of community life jumpstart changes for initiating a healthier Cobb County.

Community & Government Resources:

Faith-Based Resources:

School Resources:

Worksite Resources:

Additional Resources:

Guides and Materials:


Are you ready to take the next steps for healthy changes? Cobb2020 offers you resources to lead the way to a healthier Cobb County with numerous next step guidelines.

Advocate for Policies and Behaviors Promoting Nutrition and Physical Activity:

Provide Healthy Foods in Meetings and Breakrooms:

Support a Tobbacco-Free Workplace:

Post "Use Stairs" Reminder Signs:

Host an Employee Walking or Active
Recreational Team:

Encourage Employees to Get Annual Checkups:

Additional Resources: