Strategic Priority 2: Access to Health Services

Strategic Priority 2: Access to Health Services2018-02-16T12:20:11+00:00

How do we improve access to quality health services to meet the needs of a diverse community?

The Access to Health Services priority acknowledges that 13.3% of Cobb County residents continue to live without the insurance or adequate access to providers, facilities or resources to help them maintain health, have healthy children or manage existing health issues. Our community improvements in this area must acknowledge our growing diversity and the challenges being faced by all groups. Browse our goal focus areas to get linked in!

Goal Focus Areas:

Access to Primary Care

Improve access to quality primary health services for the underserved community.

Chronic Disease Management

Increase access to local services that screen for and help control chronic conditions.

Infant Mortality

Reduce infant mortality disparities through access to prenatal care.

Behavioral Health

Improve access to appropriate, quality behavioral health services.