May 30, 2018, Mableton, Georgia – The Georgia Farmers Market Association (GFMA) is excited to announce the launch of our premiere food education program, Nourish! This is a program designed to teach markets how to bring food education to their customers. The program will run Thursdays June 7th – August 23rd, 2018 at the Mableton Farmers Market located at 5239 Floyd Rd, Mableton, GA 30126.


“We are thrilled to launch the Nourish! 2018 campaign this spring. Our hope is for local communities to connect with their farmers markets. We feel that food education and demonstrations will energize this effort and bring more people out,” said GFMA Executive Director Sagdrina Jalal.


Mableton Farmers Markets

Food demonstrations show customers how to incorporate fresh produce sold at the market. Offering samples at the market can persuade patrons to make purchases. If a patron can see how to prepare produce and know what it tastes like, they are more inclined to buy it. In partnership with the Mableton Farmers Market, Cobb & Douglas Public Health will be providing the recipe demonstrations and nutrition education at the markets.

Visitors will benefit because they can get their children interested in fruits and vegetables, they can learn about how to incorporate produce into their recipes, and best of all, they can get more face-to-face time with market staff. The Georgia Farmers Market Association is an Association of Farmers Markets, Producers, and other Community Organizations committed to improving access to healthy foods in Georgia.

The mission of the Georgia Farmers Market Association is to strengthen farmers markets and increase food access in communities across the state by providing guidance and tools to producers, technical assistance, resources and training to market management and healthy food access and education to consumers.


To learn more about the Mableton Farmers Markets, visit their website: